10 Sexualities for a more satisfying sex life | N°11

How many times have you asked yourself, “Is sex good, what if it was more satisfying, how would I feel?

Sex is a consequence of the relationship, if everything goes well in the relationship your sexual relations will be better.

Having sex is one of those things that everyone knows how to do, but few know the secrets of doing it well.

It is very important to work at it, plan it, talk about it and have fun.

Do you want your sex life to be more satisfying? 

Here are the 10 sexualities for a more satisfying sex life, but don’t forget to watch the video where I will explain each one in more depth.


for a more satisfying sex life!

1.      Foreplay

2.      Do your sexual homework

3.      Talk about sex

4.      The surprises

5.      Focus on the relationship

6.      It is not the quantity

7.      Sex as a bank account

8.      Timing

9.      Sex should be fun

10.  Less stress and more


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