I use different types of therapy/counseling/coaching, in individuals and families.

Coaching is a process that allows you to follow, advise, instruct, measure, train and guide a person or group, in order to achieve a goal, a plan or develop a certain skill.

Benefits of Couching

Topics such as achieving goals and being successful, discipline, failure management, leadership, mind power, overcoming fears, decision making, and other basics to be productive, reduce stress and achieve success are reinforced and trained.

What is Couching?

It is a purely interactive, participatory, transparent process through which the coach and the person or group seek the most efficient, clear and concrete way to achieve certain objectives based on their own resources, total commitment and above all, their skills and creativity.

The goal is to discover and define what the person or organization wants and help them achieve it.

Coaching services are offered in all modalities, face-to-face, group, by telephone and online, both for companies and for individuals and families.

It is more than learning to be positive. It’s a genuine system to help you and your team change, work things out, and get the results you want!

Training over the phone or online can improve team synergy and capacity and increase an organization’s productivity. These trainings give the participant and his team the opportunity to deal with situations in real time.

Technology has had a positive impact on organizations, individuals, and families. Tele-Consultation, Tele-Coaching and Tele-Counseling create advancement opportunities for entrepreneurs, individuals and families around the world.