We are told not to “give the devil a foothold” (Ephesians 4:27). Unfortunately, unhappiness is all too common among us, there are conflicts in marriages, families, workplaces and other organizations.

What can we do? For more than 30 years, I have watched Dr. Michael Meir apply his gifts to help people develop skills to overcome their challenges and conflicts. Among us psychologists, Dr. Meir is an “expert” with a well-deserved reputation as a multilingual leader and coach who can be trusted to help all types of individuals, families and organizations find and reach their full potential.

Harold Takooshian 

Former President of the Division of International Psychology for

the American Psychological Association.

Dr. Michael, trainer and coach of Human Potential Development.

The Meir family is a family of the soul. Both Rivka Meir and Michael Meir are high class teachers, therapists, scientists and academics, great organizers and treasured friends with capital letters.

Dr. Michael, trainer and coach of Human Potential Development.

I am more than happy to recommend Dr. Michael. I have known him for over 20 years as a friend and colleague. He is a person of moral and ethical character.

As a professional, he shows respect and care for his colleagues, students, clients and patients. One of his greatest strengths is his ability to work cooperatively with his colleagues. I have never heard a harsh or critical word from him; he is caring and has a genuine interest in others and an appropriate sense of humor that delights people.

He is willing to use his analytical and quick mind in the service of others and, a true combination of head and heart. His impressive resume reflects these skills.

Michael has the ability to “connect” and communicate with people, whether in conversation, education or training. He has demonstrated this in diverse cultural settings, countries and institutions: from hospitals in Argentina, universities in the United States, to the federation of Hispanic Chambers of Commerce in the United States; from university students to therapy groups to corporations. I am pleased to recommend Dr. Meir and welcome any questions.

Dr. Michael, trainer and coach of Human Potential Development.

“It is my pleasure and honor to introduce Dr. Rivka Bertisch Meir and Dr. Michael Meir to the Miami community. They are lifelong mental health experts and have just moved to Miami after 18 years of working and teaching in New York/New Jersey. Dr. Michael Meir is also a physician.

They are multilingual: they speak English, Spanish and Hebrew. Rivka and Michael have an international background with roots in the United States, Argentina and Israel. They are creative and have boundless energy. Most importantly, they get results.

Are you looking for mental health experts for yourself, a family member or friend? Does your company need a professional coaching organization? Do you want to consult with professionals who enjoy the respect of their peers and have international experience? Do you want to work with experts who have published in professional journals used in universities and are consulted by the media? Do you want someone who can connect with those who have intelligence, warmth and passion? If you want someone who can help you be the best version of yourself, I recommend Dr. Rivka Bertisch Meir and Dr. Michael Meir. They are truly innovative and thoughtful.

Who am I to make such claims about this pair of psychotherapists? I am a licensed psychologist who has been in the field for over 40 years in New York City. I am a professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at New York Medical College, I am the president of a union representing psychologists at 11 hospitals as well as the New York State Police, I am a past president of the Manhattan Psychological Association, and I have been the head of a hospital psychology department for over 35 years. If you are dealing with personal problems and going through serious and difficult situations, call them for a consultation.

Leonard-Davidman Ph.D New York.

I am honored to endorse Dr. Michael Meir, a distinguished colleague with whom I had the pleasure of working personally, when he was Dean of the Division of Health Sciences and Technologies at TCI College (NY). Dr. Meir was the founder and creator of the Human Services Program in which I am currently an instructor.

He gave me the opportunity to be part of his programs. The human services curriculum at TCI College is the most challenging competitive program, and many of our students go on to higher levels of educational degrees.

Dr. Meir has demonstrated excellence in his ability to organize an academic division that is still running effectively, because of the work he has done, he left a unique mark. He has shown dedication in obtaining background for specific strategies that continue to work continuously to attract students and offer a good curriculum, structured to meet their academic needs.

Dr. Meir is a skilled organizer committed to his purpose. He can work well with others as well as individually. However, he is a true example of leadership because he truly cares and believes in his mission to do the right thing. He is capable of managing and overseeing an entire division. Dr. Meir has a reliable work ethic and makes sure that he can always be counted on. I can attest to this fact, because I was part of his team and have always been proud to work with him.

Dr. Meir also excels at management planning and implementing programs with the necessary techniques to maintain a smooth operation. He is also open and willing to learn new strategies and listen to new suggestions if it will serve for the betterment of all. Dr. Meir is an excellent asset to any organization. He is always willing to help in emergencies.

It is a pleasure for me to call Dr. Michael Meir a colleague, and I am proud to consider him a dear friend, now that we no longer work together. However, I remain a supporter of continuing the vision he left as the basic foundation of the Human Services Program. Although there will be changes as time goes on, the principles that Dr. Meir applied at its founding will remain in this program for many generations of students.

Dr. Michael, trainer and coach of Human Potential Development.

“It is a pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for Dr. Rivka Bertisch Meir, a colleague and friend whom I have known for some 25 years. During that period of time, I watched her conduct training sessions in Buenos Aires and interacted with her Foundation in Argentina. I chaired one of her Doctoral Dissertation Committees at Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center. Saybrook Graduate School”.

After supervising her four years of graduate studies, I found her to be a caring person and therapist with high ethical and moral standards.

Dr. Rivka’s “Fixed Beliefs/Life Patterns” model was originally initiated in 1984; it is described in Dr. Raymond Corsini’s Dictionary of Psychology. Dr. Corsini also supervised her early psychotherapy work, as did Dr. Genevieve Painter and other leading practitioners. Dr. Bertisch Meir has presented and read her papers at several national and international conferences. She has authored and co-authored many professional articles and books, and is internationally known for her innovative work in Industrial Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Health Psychology and psychotherapy, training and coaching. We have discussed various modalities of counseling and psychotherapy, and I have found her to be experienced and knowledgeable in this field. There is much to be said about Dr. Meir’s professionalism; as a teacher, as a coach, as a mentor, as an author, as an entrepreneur and as a colleague. As a teacher she has extensive experience with small and large groups of students in different settings, cultures and universities. In the U.S. she taught in the CUNY system, Touro College and Fordham University for several years. Abroad he taught at several universities in Spain, Argentina and Israel. His time, dedication and quality of teaching dedicated to students left each of his students and colleagues with a wealth of knowledge, experience and inspiration for studies. Her classroom characteristics include, caring, compassion and demeanor for her students. There is no doubt that Rivka is a vibrant and charismatic psychologist and a superb teacher for any institution.

Together with her husband, Dr. Michael Meir, a distinguished physician and psychotherapist, Dr. Rivka Meir has set a milestone that cements her work and philosophy, especially with Hispanic populations, both in the United States and abroad. She has initiated an “Adopt a Psychologist” program for the International Division of the American Psychological Association to enhance the role of Psychology worldwide. She has been awarded 4 times as a Fellow by the American Psychological Association and also by the Eastern Psychological Association.

I have been impressed by Dr. Bertisch Meir’s motivational workshops and have sat in on planning sessions where she and her colleagues have discussed ways to develop the human potential of each individual and communities, positive psychology and school violence reduction in the New York City area. She is extremely energetic, can quickly identify the crux of a complex problem, and displays humor and creativity in her professional presentations.

Dr. Meir has many specific projects and plans to improve the quality of human life in the 21st century. I highly recommend her without hesitation.

Sincerely yours,

Stanley Krippner, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology
Saybrook University San Francisco, California

Dr. Michael, trainer and coach of Human Potential Development.

It is a pleasure to write a letter of recommendation to Dr. Michael Meir, whom I have known for several years in my capacity as Executive Director and President of TCI College (NY) …

Dr. Meir was the Dean of the Division of Health Sciences and Technologies at TCI College (NY), which has over 1,200 students and 40 faculty in three academic departments (Human Services, Health Information Technology, and Ophthalmic Preparatory).

As a professional, Dr. Meir shows respect and care for his colleagues, students, clients and patients. One of his strengths is his warmth and genuine interest in people, inspiring them to collaborate in his field, organizing workshops, inviting guest lecturers for his students and developing professionals.

Dr. Meir is a very serious, responsible, ethical and collaborative professional. He is a team player who presents his research and programs in a very passionate and dedicated manner.

Dr. Michael has used his expertise and multicultural connections to enhance the network between faculty and students. He is vibrant, charismatic and creative, and has great leadership qualities that bring innovation to the efforts.

Dr. Meir created and launched the “Human Services” (HSE) academic program at our university. In a short time, he expanded the program to become one of the most important programs at the university. He has been able to strategically position the Institution’s health programs at the highest level by developing dynamic courses, opening a functional anatomy and physiology laboratory and hiring senior academics to teach in various courses. He raised the level of university programs.

Dr. Meir created mandatory internships; he personally identified suitable hospitals and practices to accept and place TCI students. Many of the students who participated in these internships were subsequently hired. In addition, he expanded Industry Advisory Boards for each academic program. Dr. Meir introduced Psi Beta to TCI, the National Honor Society of Psychology, enhanced the faculty development program, student development, and oversaw several student clubs.

He also created the “search and employment committee protocol” for hiring new instructors, which became the standard protocol for the entire university.

He always displayed multicultural thinking and personal experiences with different languages, cultures that brought his instructors to a high level in professional development and dramatically improved retention rates.

As an educator, community leader and mentor, Dr. Meir exhibited the art of incorporating a multicultural perspective throughout the institution, both in teaching modalities and in the classroom process, by organizing workshops and trainings for students and staff to expose them to experts from different fields. Inspire and advance at all levels.

His diverse professional experiences as a physician, mental health counselor, business and motivational consultant, and teacher, along with his interpersonal communication and teaching skills (both in the U.S. and abroad) are crucial to the success of any organization. He is analytical and quick-witted, a true combination of head and heart.

Count me in.

John McGrath, Ph.D.

Dr. Michael, trainer and coach of Human Potential Development.

Michael is a symbol of professionalism and trust. As his colleague and friend I have enjoyed his webinars and coaching interventions and his skills for the new reality.
Michael captivates with his open mind of constructive experiences and high clarity. I am sure that this book will help thousands of people to grow, to improve and to give the best of themselves.

God gave me the opportunity to meet Dr. Michael Meir more than twenty years ago together with his wife, Dr. Rivka Bertisch, in Argentina. With them I attended all the seminars they gave and I must say that they were enriching and transformational. I can attest that Dr. Michael Meir is an excellent professional, writer and colleague. He is a researcher of psychological advances for the development of human potential that is so necessary in these times. Whoever has the opportunity to read his books, and meet him as a therapist or coach, I recommend him.thank you Dr. Michael Meir for continuing to advance and, moreover, for putting into practice all your teachings and adding so much energy to what you do.

Both the workshops and Michael’s books have been invaluable opportunities for my decision making this past year. The list of changes is long, country, house, attitudes on a personal level, “TAKE ACTION WITH CLEAR INTENTION”. I will be forever grateful.

I find in Dr. Michael Meir’s books the answers and solutions I need. The experience you pour into your books, workshops and consultations is invaluable to me.
Since I chose you as my personal and business coach, my success and the success of my company has started to emerge in my life. Thank you very much Dr. Meir.

I know I will enjoy this book as I did the previous ones. You are always committed and dedicated to unconditionally helping every human being you come across, both with your books and with your consultations and workshops. Thank you very much Dr. Meir.

In all your books and workshops, Dr. Michael, you help to solve specific situations, identify objectives, devise solutions, change habits, make decisions, clarify and confront personal beliefs. I am always happy to have you as my coach.

Do you have any questions?

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