Andrés Rosado

I am honored to support Dr. Michael Meir, a distinguished colleague with whom I personally had the pleasure of working with, when he was Dean of the Division of Health Sciences and Technologies at TCI College (NY). Dr. Meir was the founder and creator of the Human Services Program in which I am currently an instructor. 

He gave me the opportunity to become a member of their programs. The human services curriculum at TCI College is the most challenging competitive program, and many of our students move to higher levels of educational degrees.

Dr. Meir has demonstrated excellence in his ability to organize an academic division that still continues to function effectively, due to the work he has done, he left a unique mark. He has exhibited dedication in obtaining background for specific strategies that continue to operate continuously to attract students and provide a good curriculum, structured to meet their academic needs.

Dr. Meir is a skilled organizer committed to his purpose. He can work well with other people, as well as individually. However, he is a true example of leadership because he really cares and believes in his mission to do the right thing. He is able to manage and supervise a complete division. Dr. Meir has a reliable work ethic and makes sure that you can always count on him. I can attest to this fact, because I was part of his team and I have always been proud to work with him.

Dr. Meir also excels in management planning and implementing programs with the necessary techniques to keep an operation going smoothly. He is also open and willing to learn new strategies and listen to new suggestions, if this works for everyone’s improvement. Dr. Meir is an excellent asset for any organization. He is always willing to help in cases of emergency.

It is my pleasure to call Dr. Michael Meir a colleague, and I am proud to consider him a dear friend, now that we no longer work together. However, I remain an advocate of continuing with the vision he left as the basic foundation of the Human Services Program. While there will be changes as time progresses, the principles in which Dr. Meir applied to his foundation, will remain in this program for many generations of students.