Sanford Danziger, MD, MPH

I’m more than happy to recommend Dr. Michael. I have known him for more than 20 years as a friend and colleague. He is a moral, ethical person of character.

As a professional, he shows respect and care for his colleagues, students, clients and patients. One of his biggest strengths is his ability to work in cooperation with co-workers. I have never heard a severe or critical word coming from him; He is affectionate and has a genuine interest in others and an appropriate sense of humor that charms people.

He is willing to use his analytical and fast mind at the service of others and, a true combination of head and heart. His impressive resume reflects these skills.

Michael has the ability to «connect» and communicate with people, whether in conversation, education or training. He has proven this in various cultural environments, countries and institutions: from hospitals in Argentina, universities in the United States, to the federation of Hispanic Chambers of Commerce of the United States; from university students to therapy groups or in corporations. I am pleased to recommend Dr. Meir and welcome any questions.