Dr Michael Meir

Transformation, change and growth, mental reprogramming and decision making.

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Emergencies for critical moments

To the rescue of Love and the couple.
Call me in any situation that requires immediate intervention.

Marriages and couples

Marriage counseling and infidelity recovery. Marriages and couples save their relationships using my 30 years of experience.

I provide couples with structure, tools and guidance. Together, we transform their relationships in the most effective way possible.


Along with different modalities of therapy or counseling I use individual and family coaching.

Coaching is a process that allows following, advising, instructing, measuring, training and guiding a person or group, in order to achieve a goal, a plan or to develop a certain ability.

Training for Professionals

These trainings are given in real time and/or in webinar format, and are specially designed to acquire new therapeutic technologies.

These varied trainings are to train those who are new to the profession or those who are becoming trainers. All receive certification.

Sex in marriages and couples

The goal of sex therapy/coaching is to help people overcome physical and emotional challenges to have or regain a satisfying relationship and a pleasurable sex life at any age.

Sex in adolescents

This process is tremendously flattering, as we prepare young people to create meaningful relationships. Usually the classes they receive in school are about the anatomy of the genital area, how to prevent pregnancy and the mechanics of sex.

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