Marriages and couples

2,400 divorces per day
1 divorce approximately every 36 seconds.
Nearly 2,400 divorces per day
16,800 divorces per Iek
876,000 divorces a year.

The divorce rate for a first marriage is around 41%.
60 percent of second marriages end in divorce.
73 percent of all third marriages end in divorce.

Some of the things you will get here:

  • How to improve communication.
  • How to remove the marriage barriers you have built
  • How to plant good habits
  • Resolve conflict as you seek to understand your spouse.
  • Increase your connection
  • Sex and intimacy
  • Become your spouse’s biggest fan
  • How to be who he/she wants to follow
  • Eliminate behaviors that make them angry and push them away

What do you want in your partner?

I can help you save your relationship!

Marriage counseling and infidelity recovery. Marriages and couples save their relationships using my 30-year experience

I provide couples with structure, tools, and guidance. Together, I help transform your relationships in the most effective way possible.

The world is aware of the crisis that exists in marriages and how unfortunately it is reflected in the “family” which is the basic structure of society.

Comprehensive marriage counseling, couples therapy and coaching for couples and individuals.

I focus on issues of relationship, communication, infidelity and intimacy.

Every situation or conflict seems bigger when you don’t have the proper support, understanding and professional help.

Arguments, distancing and resentment have become part of your day, and overwhelm your life, taking away your desire and energy. Advice from friends or the internet do not provide enough to find a solution, and everything keeps getting worse.

A message of hope

Here you will find more than a message of hope, you will obtain the necessary techniques and guidance to overcome all kinds of conflicts, prevent and avoid a separation or divorce.

Everything you do for the person you’ve decided to live with is an investment in your marriage and your future.

By creating a strong bond between you and your partner, you will completely transform your personal and love life.

If your relationship is in danger or if the initial attraction does not exist or you do not enjoy day to day or if fights are frequent, transform your relationship to live with more energy and vibrate with authentic confidence.

Give yourself the opportunity for a life of deep intimacy and passion, grow as a lover and bring deeper connections to your love life.

All marriages go through moments in which they must be renewed and re-create the bond, this is the ideal place; working professionals with long experience and a deep desire to show you solutions that perhaps did not even occur to you or you did not think you could have again.

Can you imagine the impact it will have on your children?

All marriages must change, conflicts are just an opportunity for it.

Get a fresh perspective to move forward stronger than before.

The teachings and information shared here are the same ones I use in my trainings with the general public or with other professionals. They can help you deepen a relationship with your partner and yourself, improve yourself, release unwanted energy, attract new relationships, reach new intimate heights.

All of these resources are also useful for young people and parents of broken families to develop and maintain healthy relationships.