Sex in marriages and couples

The goal of sexual therapy/coaching is to help people overcome the physical and emotional challenges to having or regaining a satisfying relationship and a pleasurable sex life at any age.

Additional factors discussed

Both sexes report having gone through some period or type of sexual dysfunction and/or dissatisfaction during their lives, which in most cases is related to the bond and the prevailing emotions, routine, economic difficulties and other we will deal with.

Working in privacy

The most frequent areas to work on couples’s intimacy are:

  • Regain energy and power
  • Feel the initial infatuation again
  • Constantly renew sexual attraction
  • Feel self-confident and at peace with the body and sexuality
  • Release feminine and masculine energy
  • Create deeper connections in love life.
  • Maintain attractiveness at all times

The teachings and information shared here are the same ones I use in my trainings with the general public or with other professionals. They can help you deepen a relationship with your partner and yourself, improve yourself, release unwanted energy, attract new relationships, reach new intimate heights.

All of these resources are also useful for young people and parents of broken families to develop and maintain healthy relationships.