7 Mistakes in couple communication | N°20

Dr Michael Meir - Psicoterapeuta, Licenciado en consejería de Salud Mental del estado de New York

Is communication with your partner really being effective? Are you achieving a good connection with your partner?

Most couples complain about lack of communication, and worrying about that is fine.

But they don’t know that the real goal of communication is to improve the connection with your partner.

Connection is what we get from effective communication.

Clear communication ensures a better connection 

So, are you really connected with your partner?

7 Frequent mistakes in communication

To survive as a couple it is not only the communication it is the connection

  1. Sometimes I feel like you don’t understand me anymore.
  2. What I want is to know that I am your priority.
  3. What I really want is more support with the children.
  4. I would like you to spend time with me doing what I like.
  5. I need you to help me more with the housework.
  6. I wish we had better sex.
  7. I really need you to understand my experience.

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