Dr. Meir conducted a live show with Ambar Padrón

On Wednesday, March 2, Dr. Meir conducted a live show with Ambar Padrón in which they talked about Children and Divorce. Reflecting on the influence of parents who are going through a process of divorce or a bad relationship on their children; on how to handle such situations; on how they should change and what to do.

Ámbar Padron, or better known as “@laconsultoradelpanuelopurpura”, is a parenting consultant for parents. Specialist in emotional management and assertive communication in parenting. Currently pursuing a master’s degree in child and adolescent psychology and a second master’s degree in family therapy. And above all, eternal learner full of love for family and passion for life, lover of questioning, unlearning, learning, joy for life, gratitude, kindness and continuous growth.

I invite you to enter the following link to relive the LIVE on Instagram:

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