Happy Valentines Day

Every marriage can prevent and avoid a separation or divorce. Let me help you through tools to recreate a loving, fulfilling and happy relationship.

❤️ Valentine’s Day is the ideal time to create a different atmosphere to get to know each other again and reconnect.

Changes, surprises and details? Whether routine and habit invade you, depends on each of you. Invent surprises, attentions, details and care, they can be simple because the importance is given by the fact and the intention and the most important thing are the results …

Many things were surely done when you were engaged … It is not necessary to invest a lot of time or money. We are doing it for the other party and for the couple itself, with that person you once chose and fell in love with…

Here goes a list to stimulate all the senses:

1️⃣ Special food, especially if you prepare it. The one he really likes and something you both enjoy.
2️⃣ Candles and music are two must-haves for a cozy, pleasant and warm atmosphere, of course without lights.
3️⃣ Erotic touch, you know what really makes magic on each other.
4️⃣ Flowers: they give the ideal touch for passion …
5️⃣ Special drink: and that you both enjoy.
6️⃣ Dress: as sexy as possible, and don’t forget the perfume …

✅ Do it this Valentine’s Day, take advantage of the energy of Love and Passion that this date brings.
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The event is finished.

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Feb 14 2022


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