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Gratitude is an emotion that expresses appreciation for what one has or receives. It is a recognition of value independent of monetary value. It is a spontaneous feeling and an affirmation of goodness. Gratitude is an element or virtue of our personality.

It implies a process of recognizing, first, that one has obtained or received a favorable result and, second, that there is an external source that produced that good result.

Gratitude strengthens the heart, mind, body, soul and undoubtedly strengthens relationships. Its origin is found in survival behaviors ​​in order to help others and in return will also help us.

There are specific areas of the brain that are involved in experiencing and expressing gratitude. Although it is often spontaneous, research shows that by making conscious efforts to value what we have or witness the blessings we receive, gratitude can be cultivated and certainly increased.

Being grateful for the things you have and appreciating both good and bad in your life has the power to transform the way you really live your life.
By constantly remembering what makes us happy, we will be happier.

Some reasons for which gratitude is so important:

Gratitude makes your problems seem less daunting and more manageable.

Gratitude reminds us of what really matters in life. It is very easy to get caught up in everyday stress and take for granted the things that are important to us. By rebuking the things you are grateful for, you begin to focus more on the important and less on the superficial.

When you begin to be grateful for what you have, you also begin to be more grateful to other people. This creates positive feelings, and the more you focus on the best of life, the more you will attract the best in life.


Take a few minutes upon waking up each morning to list five things to be grateful for; regarding your work, family, health and even something new that you have received.

Focus on these elements and give your thanks deeply.

You will begin to feel happier, more cordial and you will have more energy. You will be rewarded with less stress and better experiences … All for a simple act of gratitude.

Gratitude strengthens the hear, mind, body, soul and undoubtedly strengthens relationships.

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