How to get support in your relationship? | N°18

Do you feel like you don’t have support from your partner?

When our partner supports us, we feel more connected, complete and better with ourselves.

The complicity between two people is a very special bond, there are even moments where with a glance you can understand each other completely.

Today I want to show you how mutual support can improve your relationship with your spouse. 

So, do you want to know what mutual support is and how to show it?


1.    Cook together

2.    Create a new family and couple tradition

3.    Do gym/sport together

4.    Enjoy nature

5.    Find a hobby that you both enjoy

6.    Get professional help

7.    Look at family pictures

8.    Make surprises

9.    New conversations about sex

10. Periodically review the couple’s plans

11. Plan dancing

12. Plan romantic dates

13. Play special nights

14. Schedule appointments

15. Travel

16. Walking together

17. Write love notes


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