I want more chemistry in my relationship | N°12

Do you feel that you have lost chemistry in your relationship with your partner?

We can define chemistry as the quality of relationship that is created with another human being, it is given from the beginning of the relationship.

The quality of the initial chemistry will always change over time, but, regaining it is an intentional action.

Deep down we all know how to rekindle the feelings of happiness we once had.

And the benefit of regaining it is HUGE.

Do you want to know what a lack of chemistry in your relationship indicates and how you can get it back?

Here I leave you some tips that indicate the lack of chemistry in the relationship and how to recover it, still be sure to watch the video where I will explain more in depth each one.

¿Qué hacer para recuperar la química perdida?

  • Actividades nuevas que ambos disfruten
  • Afecto intencional, quiera o no, hágalo
  • Cita nocturna especial
  • Conversaciones programadas para evaluar los cambios
  • Masajes mutuos
  • Momentos especiales y exclusivos
  • Terapia de pareja
  • Terapia sexual
  • Vacaciones solos

I want more chemistry in my relationship

Signs that that the chemistry is decreasing

  • Emotional disconnection with the partner
  • Express romantic and sexual feelings for others
  • Denying the partner
  • It is not important to spend time with the partner
  • Not sharing personal details
  • Not wanting to give or receive affection from your partner
  • Rejecting privacy

How recover the chemistry?

  • New activities that you both enjoy
  • Intentional affection
  • Special nightly dates
  • Schedule conversations to evaluate changes
  • Massages
  • Create special and exclusive moments
  • Couple therapy
  • Sex therapy

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