Let’s not talk about sex: 8 Causes that call for it | N°10

Today we will talk about sex, it is one of the topics in the relationship that should always be addressed.

Have you ever felt unsatisfied sexually? 

There are countless problems that occur in a relationship, but sexual problems is one of the main ones.

The biggest problem is that couples do not easily talk about this topic.

People feel self-conscious, insecure, even afraid and do not discuss it.

It is very important to discuss sex with your partner.

Do you want to know what are the 8 causes that require you to talk about sex with your partner? 

Here are the 8 reasons why you should talk about sex, but don’t forget to watch the video where I will explain them more in depth.


8 Causes that require it

A variety of issues can cause marital problems, including problems with sex and sexual satisfaction.

The most frequent topics to talk about sex are:

1. Changes in libido

2. Desire to try something new

3. Sexual dysfunction

4. Lack of privacy or need for more affection.

5. Lack of sexual satisfaction

6. Family planning

7. Feelings of sexual rejection

8. It is always one who initiates or insists it


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