Romantic Intelligence – 11 Elements to develop it

Today I want to talk about Romantic Intelligence.

Have you ever heard of it? It’s not the same as sex…

It is very important for the development of our relationships.

It is a good indicator of the general level of our relationships and by developing it we also grow our intelligence in other areas.
our intelligence in other areas

Do you want to know 11 tips to develop your romantic intelligence?

Alternate leadership

Here I leave you the 11 Tips to develop your romantic intelligence, but just do not stop watching the
video where I will explain them more thoroughly

  1. Alternate leadership
  2. Give the other person space
  3. Focus on what’s important
  4. Motivate each other
  5. Don’t let fear interfere
  6. Do not postpone the resolution of a conflict
  7. Never focus on the negative
  8. Think and choose the way to react
  9. Recognize the emotions of the other person
  10. Be constant and persistent
  11. Work together for the relationship

Always ask experts for help !!!!


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