Tonight sex – 8 Reasons to have more sex | N°13

Tonight SEX!

The benefits of sexual activity in marriage are many, and they are very real.

The quality of the relationship you have with your partner is even more important than the quantity.

The more regularly you have sex with your partner, the greater the desire to repeat it, it’s like a vicious circle.

And it’s the only vice I recommend you have.

Scientific data supports the incredible benefits of having regular sex with your partner, and even greater benefits when they are quality relationships.

So, do you want to know the 8 benefits of having more sex with your partner?

Here are the 8 benefits of sexual activity, but be sure to watch the video where I will explain each one in more detail.



1. Antiaging

2. Antistress

3. The more the better

4. Improves confidence

5. Reduces headaches

6. Improves fertility

7. It is free

8. For better relationship


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